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Web Hosting and E-Commerce
for the Down syndrome Community
Our Mission : To provide web space, web hosting, and e-commerce support for the Down syndrome community. To increase the use of the Internet as a comunications and information distribution tool for Down syndrome related parent and  support group organizations. To support Down syndrome related businesses with the opportunity to bring their products or services to the Internet cost-effectively and with minimal risk.
Domain and Website Hosting
for Down syndrome related organizations
               only $5 monthly
                             $20 One Time Set Up
DownsNet.Com provides DOMAIN hosting services to any Down syndrome related parent group or support organization. If you have your own domain, or would like to add a domain, DownsNet.Com has a program to meet your needs. All domains include
Email  Aliases and Forwarding
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DownsCity will provide your group or organization with a web page under a DownsCity Domain name for NO CHARGE. This is a service provided to local parent and support groups.                   The address will be
This project is dedicated to our 7 year old old son Dylan
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